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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good and appropriate brand name?

Ans: In order to select a good and appropriate brand name, you need to be very specific about the genre of your business.

1. Select your category carefully

2. Match your idea with the brand

Why is branding so important?

Ans: Branding is promising. Branding means you assure your target customers about certain accolades of the products of your brand. Branding secures your customers creating a unique image of your products in their minds. It helps you to create your own identity and makes you stand out from others.

Why is .com important?

Ans: Whenever most people talk about the websites, they think of .com extension. .com has terrific SEO benefits over other extensions.

1. It has the highest recall value among the extensions, thus, your website will be highly memorable.

2. Even if you type the just the name of the website in the browser bar, it will make the .com as default extension without giving an error page.

3. And in the future, if you want to sell it, .com extension will always have the highest preference for sale.

It doesn’t mean all other extensions are for nothing to do but .com is the most preferable.

What is the procedure to  buy a product at Brandhints?

Ans: We make it easy for you to choose the brand of your desired genre of business. Just follow this few steps:

1. Select the brand of your choice – Go to Categories we offer you to choose your brand from and Click on the acceptable name

2. Purchase it – Click on ‘Buy Now’

3.Download the materials

4. Domain credentials are given

What if I don’t like the product, can I get a refund?

Ans: We are sorry for this. Once you had a purchase of a product from us, we can’t pay you the refund.

Is there any option for logo redesign, in case I just don’t like the logo?

Ans: Certainly! We believe in making things easier and comfortable for our customers. We assure you that you will love our logos but in the case, you don’t like, we offer you logo design according to you with minimal extra charges.

What are the addons I get from you?

Ans: Apart from the succinct and vibrant Brand names, our customers will be provided with well-designed business cards, a package of stationeries, an articulated and beautifully designed website with free web hosting services and last but not least the promotional materials of premium quality.

For more information, go to the section “BONANZA FOR YOU”.

Will be my other websites hosted too?

Ans: We are extremely sorry for this. But we provide free web hosting to the only static website for the brand you purchased from us.

How can I contact you?

Ans: Our always-at-your-service Brandints can solve your genuine problems once you drop a mail to [email protected] .

What promises do you give me?

Ans: Branding is promising. We do the same for our products. We assure to make you content with the wide range of brand names we bring to you including genres of Business, Services, Fashion, Entertainment and Shopping.

Will I come back here?

Ans: The intriguing and professional persona of the Brandhints will surely bring you back here. We have special discounts for our old customers to respect the relationship of a seller-customer.

Is my personal information safe?

Ans: Yes, of course! We respect your credentials. Your personal information is absolutely safe with us. We use SSL encryption for the safety of our customers.