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6 Secrets to be Likable to all at Work!

Who doesn’t want to be likable to all? Neither you nor me! Is not that so obvious? The most important thing that makes us attractive to all is not about your look, wealth or quality always,; it’s more about your Attitude. Attitude is the crucial factor in someone’s traits. Once you’re likeable because of our attitude, you will be lovable always. A business owner should be pleasant enough to attract people’s attention with the right approach. Here, we will talk about how attitude works to make you likable to all. The following is the quick lesson to be likable to all.


1) Put Down the Cell Phone

The technology has not left a single stone unturned to make the world tiny as possible. We always want to be connected to the world through that palm-sized device in our hands in every second. But, meanwhile, we forget to give the importance to the person who is in front of us and keep ourselves engaged with the individual who is not even in the sight. This is an utter nonsense we all do in general. They are the winners of hearts who avoid such nuisance and love to listen to the person who wants to say something unlike most of us glued to the phones.

2) Know Some Names

Greeting others by name is a way to show that you paid attention when you first met. It’s also an excellent way to establish a personal connection because using someone’s name is a familiar and comforting gesture. Importantly, don’t just use names when you greet the person; intersperse your conversation with mentions of your cohorts by name. Research has proven that this validates your conversation partner, thus creating good will between you two.


3) Ask Questions

The act of asking questions shows that you got an interest in what your conversation partner has to say. This interest creates a connection which is a crucial ingredient for likeability. Asking questions is also an exercise in listening. In order to ask appropriate questions, you’ll have to listen carefully to what your conversation partner is saying.  n doing this, you will naturally be tuning in, focusing, and giving energy to your partner rather than spending the entire conversation thinking about what you will say next.


4) Step Out of the Spotlight

Nobody likes an attention-seeker. It’s bitter but true. Being well-liked is not a matter of being a big, outgoing personality; but rather a matter of being considerate, friendly, and kind. Others will be far more attracted to someone who speaks with them socially and personally than someone who is constantly trying to draw attention to themselves.


5) Know Your Body Language

Conversations partners naturally tend to mirror the body language of the person they are speaking with. If you concentrate on displaying warm, open body language, your partner will usually react in kind. Uncross your arms, make good eye contact, lean slightly toward the person with whom you are speaking.. The feelings and impressions left by such body language are often more lasting than those left by your words alone.


6) Smile to love not to smirk

Last but the never the least, your smile is the way to win the hearts. Don’t fake it, though! A genuine smile, sometimes without reasons too, will help to be lovable for all. So, smile and let others smile.


To be a real influencer, you have to be likable to all! We have given a quick lesson to be likable to all. I hope that will work. Shower your experiences in our comment box, remember, we will be waiting to hear from you.


I am a happy-go-lucky girl with the aim to smile and spread smile all over. Loves to play with kids, dance, have fun, watch movies and WRITE! :)

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