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5 reasons why keeping a Journal helps one to succeed

Many people debate about the fact that keeping a journal is a waste of time. What would I achieve after penning down all the ‘not-so-happening’ day’s events? Why would it even matter if I write my thoughts about things around me on a diary? They are my thoughts, after all, and they’ll remain with me forever. But no my dear friend, that’s not how it works.

This universe is bound to change and so does our thoughts and perspectives. Today you may believe that ‘change of opinion’ is hypocritical or rather lack of understanding on the part of person in question, but when you will land in a situation where your opinion would change just in a moment, you’ll start believing at that very moment that ‘change of opinion’ is not at all hypocritical but just a matter of time.

How does all this related to keeping a journal?

It is. Keeping a journal will help you understand how you see this world, what made you change, what made you divert from things, and etc. It is a steady path to self-discovery, which every person is in search of.

Here are the 5 reasons why keeping a journal will help you succeed:

  1. Self-Discovery 

Writing a journal will lead you to self-discovery. Your thoughts and perspective of this world will lead you to understand where you stand and what your image in society is. It will help you to practice discipline and self-improvement.

  1. A Pandora Box of Your Ideas 

It is always advised that a writer must keep a journal with him, you never know when an idea will hit you. But, in today’s world, keeping a journal is not limited to a writer. As an entrepreneur, you need to pen down your each idea or you will forget as soon as the next idea will hit you.

  1. Enhance your Creative Side

Writing a journal enhances our creative side. Some people always complain that how bad they are at penning down their emotions. The axiom ‘practice makes one perfect’ works here. Once you will start writing a journal, your thoughts will automatically transform into words, and you’ll find yourself a better writer.

  1. Gives You Focus and Direction

How can journal give me focus and direction? Yes, it can definitely be your guiding light. In a journal you write your ideas, thoughts, and what happened in the entire day, this will lead you to sort out your priorities. You will learn where your destiny lies, and it will naturally improve your focus.

  1. A Friend with no Expectations

We all have friends, and they expect something from us like we expect something from them. But, a journal will be your best friend with whom you can share your deepest secrets and it’ll ask nothing in return. It will let you pour your thoughts down, speak your frustration out, and etc. If you want someone to just listen and not give advice, write everything down in your journal.

Afterall a journal is the best listener you can ever have.  


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