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5 Important Soft Skills That Every Company Looks For In A Potential Hire

It is the era of rapid globalization and swift technology changes. Every company wants an employee who can quickly adapt to changes in the market and ensure quick decision making. Employers not only look for a strong work ethic in potential hires but for “transferable skills”, also known as “soft skills”. These skills are not particular for one career path but are very general across all industries and sectors.

Soft skills are a crucial component to judge an interviewee and are also known as the key to building a person’s career. It is all about making yourself sellable and having the ability to think and analyze- What next? How can I benefit my organization in the most effective manner?

According to a survey conducted by Express Employment Professionals across 134 Express Franchises in the nation, the results of 2016 revealed that dependability was the top soft skill at 72% for  the 3rd year in a row, followed by motivation and verbal communication. It was also seen that education does not top the list, indicating that the employee should have more of real world skills to benefit in the long run.

We are breaking down the list of the top five most imperative soft skills that every company looks for in a potential hire:

                                                                          1. Being dependable:

Employers really value those workers who can function with a fixed deadline and deliver quality work with no errors. The goal of any new employee should be to build a rapport with his employer and see to it that the employer trusts him. This will only be reflected through the employees work and the ease with which an employer can hand over duties and tasks without hesitation.

2. Should be able to think on his toes:
A rapid and sudden change in the workplace means that the employee should be able to think fast and come up with solutions within no time at all. Employers love candidates who can prove to be resourceful and are not afraid to pull the trigger if any problem arises. This is one of the most indispensable qualities of being a leader at the workplace.

3. Fits into the work culture with ease:
Interviewers look for candidates who seem to be capable of fitting into a new environment with no problems at all. This means gelling with other employees, interacting with everyone and adopting the core values of the company in their personality. Max Yoder, CEO of online training software company Lesson.ly said that,

“If you are a great fit, it will be apparent. If you are not, it will also be apparent.” Click To Tweet


4. You are a team player, but also an independent thinker:
No, you always don’t need to follow what your boss says. If your boss gives you an outline of the work to be done, come up with your own creative ideas to complete the work. Thinking out of the box and innovatively combating any problem is a valued soft skill. It is not obligatory that you agree with every decision the company makes. You need to be confident of your ideas and also make your team believe in them.

If you want to be established as a leader, then taking initiative for coaching new employees and making them comfortable in the workplace is an essential skill to have. Your team members should be effectively able to follow your guidelines and while feeling free to incorporate and merge their own ideas with yours.

5. You are a self-motivated strategist:

Employees should be flexible and focused. The key to remaining on the task at hand is to plan your goals and objectives beforehand. You should have proficient long term planning skills wherein you can map out what the end result is and the comprehensive step by step process to arrive at that end result.

As an employee, you should be able to scan, evaluate and analyze the data, figure out the loopholes and form strategies to resolve problems beforehand itself. As a prospective hire, you need to be self-motivated and not be deterred by any situation you face.

Thus, as a potential candidate, one should have a strong passion for learning and adopting new methods within no time at all. Whenever you face an interview, remember, it’s a two-sided affair. Highlight your personality in such a manner that it makes the employer feel that you are ready to fill in the job position.

Working with non-profit organizations is a great method to develop soft skills such as decision making, team building and public speaking. Someone has rightly said,

“Technical skills may get you an interview, but soft skills is what will get you the job – and help you keep it.”

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