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11 Must Have Qualities of Great Bosses and Exceptional Leaders

Many individuals become managers and supervisors in their life, but not all of these people are good leaders. Even fewer people would be considered great leaders.While some individuals seem to naturally prosper in leadership roles, there are steps you can take to develop your leadership skills and pick up the traits you need to manage people and projects more effectively.

To help you learn how to be a good manager and hone your leadership skills, we’ve put together a list of the 11 essential qualities of every great boss.

Let’s take a look.

1. Being a Great Communicator

One of the most important qualities all great leaders share is being able to communicate effectively. Being able to share the vision for the company, the business, or the team is crucial to achieving goals and building success. The most talented staff in the world won’t accomplish what’s necessary to succeed if they don’t first understand where they’re going and how to get there.

2. Displaying Self-Confidence

Being self-confident without showing arrogance is crucial to leading people without overwhelming them. People are less likely to believe in themselves if their leaders don’t display confidence that goals can be reached.

3. Having a Positive Attitude

Few things will damage the potential of a leader like negativity. It’s important to remain positive even in difficult circumstances. Attitudes are contagious, and having a realistic yet positive attitude will benefit every aspect of the organization.

4. Commitment to the Team

Those you’re leading will always know if you’re truly on their side or not. Whether it’s players on a team or workers in a company, people are more likely to give you 100 percent if they believe you’re totally committed.

5. Being Able to Delegate Responsibility

No matter how motivated and talented you are, you can’t do everything. An exceptional leader has the ability to know which tasks should be delegated and who to delegate them to. It’s also important to be able to supervise without micro-managing.

6. The Ability to Think Outside the Box

Leaders will be faced with many problems in which the answer isn’t immediately obvious. Being able to figure out possibilities that others don’t automatically see will separate a mediocre boss from a truly great one.

7. Having Strong Intuition

Intuition is drawing on past experiences and applying that knowledge to new situations. Building strong intuition means developing skills such as “reading between the lines” and putting as much emphasis on body language as what a person actually says.

8. Being Able to Inspire Others

Leaders can either bring out the best or the worst in those that follow them. It’s critical to make sure your team feels invested in the goals and accomplishments of the company. Great bosses will exhibit their passion for people and projects. This in turn will help motivate the team and build momentum.

9. Knowing the People and the Organization They Lead

Every other quality you have won’t mean as much if you don’t know your organization’s purpose and goals as well as the people working there. Most great bosses will take the time to get to know their team when starting a new position before implementing major changes.

10. Taking Just the Right Amount of Risks

Very few people have ever achieved great success without taking risks. Of course not every risk is worth taking. The key is knowing how to take calculated risks that are well thought out and planned.

11. Being Honest With Themselves and Those They Lead

Exceptional leaders know their own strengths and limitations. Honest, ethical behavior is imperative to becoming a great boss and leader. When you’re honest with yourself and others, this enables everyone to feel more comfortable around you.

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