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10 Reasons Why You Should do an Internship at a Startup

Internships are a great way to learn what you want and sometimes more importantly, what you don’t want. Interning in start-up rather than associating with a big brand adds another feather to the cap. Let’s dig deeper into the why’s and how’s of the said sentence :

1. To find out whether you like it or not –

Too many college students simply follow their classmates or the general notion when choosing their career. It is very important to know what you’re good at, what you like doing. As interning in start-up lets you explore the different aspect of the industry. You’ll be much closer to knowing what you really want. It’s a precious, risk-free opportunity that you shouldn’t waste.

2. They give you responsibilities –

Many start-ups have few people and very often you’ll be given tasks to be performed at an individual level. When the employee in you is explored from the scratch, the result will only be a success. Your fear will be allayed, your mistakes will be corrected. You will be much more confident, motivated because of the level of responsibility bestowed upon you.

3. You learn the different aspects of a company –

While working in a small start-up company you’ll get real insights into the different areas. Something which is impossible in a big organization. You’re not glued to a particular field. From operations to marketing, from chatting with the tech-lead at lunch or catching up with the editorial team. You’ll learn a lot more about how things actually work. In turn, it will also give you valuable insights of the different roles needed to keep a company going.

4. You get to build a professional network –

Good startups attract the best people, motivated by enjoying what they do. There may be handful number of people working in a start up. But you never know, any of them might be of importance to you any day. Your colleagues might be your friends, mentors and even a perspective investor at your own start up. They are highly motivated, inspirational and willing to share their experience and knowledge. When you come in contact with such people, you learn things that any textbook or internet resource won’t explain.

5. You get an idea on the working of start up –

Interning in a start-up will bring you closer to your dream to be an entrepreneur. It’s very clear from the quote mentioned in the start. You have an idea worth a billion dollar but you’re clueless how to capitalize it. As an intern, you will get knowledge about every single challenge that a start-up co-founder has to go through, from the seed investment to the subsequent funding stages, from the company foundation to its registration.

6. They give you a cool environment –

Start-ups are known for their informal culture and flexible working hours. No worrying about the corporate etiquette, no dress code policy. You get to enjoy the leisure of flexible timings, work from home options, hang-out post work and much more. The scrumptious offers such as free food, drinks and travel for work purposes are even irresistible.

7. Your Input is valued –

Even if you’re a first-year grad student, you can still discuss your idea or opinion with your co-workers. If your idea is innovative, it might be put into practice. Startups are always looking for innovative methods to do stuff. This is not possible in a big company. You can have a say that will eventually contribute to the success of the company.

8. You learn to adapt –

There’s a constant changing environment in start-ups. Since the working patterns are still being developed. It is likely that the task you did on one day might be discarded the next. Because the programmer found a new and simplified solution to the process. Of course, you don’t take it on heart. It invariably helps to hone your skill. It makes you flexible, adaptive to the changes in the company.

9. You learn, You experience –

After nearly studying for 15-16 years of your life, you’re headed to have a new experience. Which will not judge your intellect and capabilities on the performance of your final exam? Even if you make mistakes, you can learn things faster at a start up. You’ll get asked to do things you’ve never done before or had no training in. And of course, you can ask for advice or help.

10. You don’t end up wasting time –

Lastly, you”ll gather all that written in the above nine points in your 2-2.5 month’s summer break. It’s much better than opting for some short-term courses during that period. You will have practical implications rather than half baked knowledge. It’s a cherry on the cake when you get to earn through such internships.

We hope now you will get to know the advantages of these internships at any startup. It’s never late. Go grab your opportunity and become a part of something big!


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